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Speech & Language Pathology

  • Sheryl has worked as the speech pathologist on the Cleft Palate Craniofacial Team at BC Children’s Hospital since 2004. She provides assessment and intervention services to children and their families affected by clefting and craniofacial conditions and consultative support to community clinicians across the province.

  • Sheryl holds Advanced Competencies Certificates in Fiberoptic Evaluation and Management of Voice Disorders and Videofluoroscopic Assessment of Swallowing Disorders. 

  • She is a clinical faculty member with the University of British Columbia Audiology and Speech Sciences program, where she provides regular instruction in the area of cleft palate – craniofacial speech disorders. Prior to working on the Cleft Palate Team, Sheryl worked on multidisciplinary teams specializing in the areas of autism and hearing loss. 

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